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Painting for Humanity

Opening a door to the future

When analysing the early period of human civilization, it is clear you can see that the contribution of the painting in the development of civilization is immense. Without a debate, it can be said painting is one of main aids or material in development of civilization. The contributionof the painting is particularly noticeable in development of ancient human’s life to present modern life. Painting process needs to be fluent in current era of globalization with the other human welfare processes, because the art of painting can be considered as visual language and sound which can be easily activate and free the human’s emotion successfully.

Contribution of painting is universally accepted in faster spreading the thought of the society by avoiding the uneasiness. Otherwise it can be said there is no match of painting to turnout eternal immaturity (childish) to evergreen (alive). In the era of current globalization under the pressure of mechanical civilization, the painting is somewhat distorted. However, the well-planned application of the art and expansion of the same, has the power to build the world in a more beautiful and orderly way. The consciousness of ever growing educated societies can be more polite and well-timed with the help of painting. We know that the world civilization move on to the human sentiment. It is natural to be revealed any new energy by knocking the human mind (intangible) with the underlying power of the painting. It is possible to develop the world human’s perceptions in more dynamic and time-relevant manner by the planed force of painting.

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Opening a door to the future

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Organic Abstraction. Social Realism. Neo-Expressionism.
Transavanguardia. Sound Art. Internet Art.

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