International School of Art

Affiliated by World Art Organisation

History of the School

International School of art has been set up in year 2000.15th April.It is an Art Education with Anglo Bengali medium School following the curriculum of World Art Organisation and is the Government.

The school is away from the chaos and crowd of the city life. It is well connected by rail and road. The school is situated on the Dum Dum airport at ten minutes by car and seven minutes from Madhyamgram Rail Station.

The school building accommodates office, reception counter, separate computer centre, painting resource centre, library, store room, little art gallery, play space for popular indoor and outdoor games like Tir-nir, Ackron, Kribroken, Build Art fitting of colours etc….

International School of Art

Rules and Regulations

House System

The students of this school are divided into four houses, such as Cosmos, Daffodil, Tulip, Gladiolus, respectively. For every achievement of your ward in school, he/she as well as the house is credited. Please encourage your ward to bring credits to his/her house. The house system helps a child in developing patriotism and dedication to one’s own house and thus greater feelings of his/her society and to the nation.

Parent–Teachers meeting

A Parent-Teacher meeting is held at every month. Your presence in these meeting is compulsory.

Text Books, stationery and Uniform

All Text Books, stationery and Uniform should be purchase from the school. Students must have all their books and uniform ready at the start of the session. All books are covered with brown paper and properly labelled.


One calendar month notice before the end of the term, in writing from the first day of a month is required before the withdrawals of pupil from school. No T.C will be issued once the new session starts Transfer Certificate will be issued once all dues are cleared. Transfer certificate will not be issued to those students who leave in the midterm unless full years fees are paid (Time: 4.00 P.M)


The structure, discipline and well defined rules provided an environment that is conceived to learning and growing. Discipline at International School of art is designed to promote decorum, partnership and teamwork. We insist that every person be respected and treated with dignity. We set high expectations but link them with firm guidance, support and encouragement. We value students who want to be successful and motivated to put forth best effort.


The thought of International School of Art, academics exists not only in the quality of its offerings or the ability of its teachers, but also for while both are component of a flourishing and road programmed, otherwise can guarantee its success. Rather the programme strength resides in the attitude, the ethos that fills each class period each singular exchange between faculty and students. Classes are placed where respect for one another for the free exchange of idea and opinions is the most prized commodity. Within a traditional, rigorous school course of study, International School of Art students are encouraged to be curious, involved, active learners, for the teacher with whom they work understand that the success of any educational pursuit lies in vigour and commitment that students bring to it.

The Faculty

International School of Art has assembled group of men and women who also happen tom be gifted and devoted teacher. The faculty members believed in their students and challenge them to new achievement everyday. Teacher is themselves knowledgeable and caring professionals, committed to providing the highest level of academic excellence. Outside the classrooms, teachers are advisors, guides and friends who continue to motivate, and support the students. There are countless opportunity for the facility and students to interact, become friendly and carry out the intelligence exchange on which the school thrives. They know there can be no higher goal, no greater reward as teachers, than to help young grow.

Sr All Art Subjects
1 Drawing
2 Alpana
3 Calligraphy
4 Sketching
5 Pencil Shading
6 Later of Art
7 Strokes
8 Brush Drawing
9 Anatomy Study
10 Composition
11 Monochrome
12 Scenery
13 Still Life
14 Stick Figures
15 Sculpture
16 Computer Art
17 Painting
18 Portrait
19 Life Study
20 Art & Craft
21 History of Art
22 Science of Art
23 Water Based Media
24 Indian Painting
25 Perspective
26 Pottery
27 Glass Painting
28 Cartoon Caricature
29 Animal & Bird Study
30 Fabrics
31 Thump Painting
32 Origami
33 Outdoor
34 Geometric
35 Landscape Multi Colours
36 Oil Impasto
37 Moving Art
38 Karting Worked
39 Tempera
40 Silhouette Painting
41 Vegetable Making
42 Tensile
43 Crayon Engraving
44 Antique Study
45 Mixed Media
46 Framing
47 Nude Study
48 Comics Service
49 Foliage
50 Collage
51 Moulding
52 Motive Design
53 Traditional Art
54 Historic Preservation
55 Leger Art
56 Wall Decoration
57 Colours Stare
58 Gouache
59 Sticker Painting
60 Paper Batik
61 International Morse
62 Fashion Design
63 Architecture
64 Graphic Design
65 Furniture Design
66 Jewellery Art
67 Product Design
68 Media Performing Art
69 Illustration
70 Candle Making
71 Beautician Course
72 Cristal Making
73 Flour Making
74 Aboriginal Art
75 Lino Cut
76 Paper Pulp
77 Sequential Art
78 Interior Design
79 Photography
80 Crass Stitch
81 Animation
82 Western Style Painting
83 Texture
84 Textile Design
85 Ceramic Design
86 Toy Making
87 Print Making
88 Mural
89 Etching
90 Mosaic
91 Engraving
92 Lithography
93 Illustrated Manuscript
94 Wood Carving
95 Hallucination Art
96 Tapestry
97 Miniature Painting
98 Art of Play
99 Art of Yoga
100 Terracotta
101 Leather Craft
102 Communication Art
103 Film Making
104 Art Business Management
105 Realistic Art
106 Crack Art
107 Abstract Art
108 Magic Art
109 Tanjore Painting
110 Embossed Art
111 Mapping Art
112 Deck Paint
113 Bold Teaching Work
114 Mom Painting
115 Lighting Design
116 Natural Art Requirement
117 Art Portfolio
118 Contemporary Art
119 Indian Pot Chitra
120 Fusion Art
121 Mithila Art
122 Kangra Painting
123 Warli Art
124 Protean Gone Painting Style
125 Vil Painting
126 Paper Masi
127 Shadow Realistic
128 Miniature
129 Impressionist Style
130 Post Impression
131 Cubism Art
132 Mannerism Art
133 Sur Realistic Painting
134 Phobias Art
135 Video Art
136 Kiama Art
137 Glassco Painting
138 Classicist Painting
139 Nuclear Mysticism Art
140 Promo
141 The First male Robot Art
142 Chinese Painting
143 Discovering Japanani Art
144 African Style Painting
145 Russian Traditional Art
146 European Modern Art
147 European Catholicism Art
148 Critical Paranoiac Painting
149 Swedish Design Maintains High Standards
150 Swedish Artisanry Industrial Design
151 The Painter’s Modes Analysis
152 Art Criticism
153 Art Studies Elective
154 Acrylic Based Media Exploration
155 Speech and Public speaking of painting
156 Painting four humanity
157 Experiment of painting
158 Education for International Success Exhibition