About Us

World Art Organization – a Government registered Non-profit making organization was established for the sole purpose of generating awareness and promotion of arts among people from all over the world. Art makes life, makes importance and is actually irreplaceable from life as well as society. More often than not, art and artists make the face of a proud and successful nation and that is the reason WAO has taken up the initiative to contribute to the world of art to the best of its abilities. Our focus is not only to contribute to the development of artists and various forms of art but also to provide them with a global platform for showcasing their talent. In order to achieve this goal World Art Organization regularly organizes art workshops, exhibitions and art awareness programs and also brings out magazines with works from promising and upcoming artists – helping them with a firm footing in the ever changing world of art. WAO has also established and aided various educational institutes ( schools, colleges and universities) for bringing up new talents and providing them with a large enough canvas for developing their art. Another area that we focus upon is promoting research and development in various fields of art and positioning ourselves as the bridge between artists and art related industries and thus helping them in gaining professional expertise and experience. The World Art Organization has also established a number of art schools and colleges in various parts of India and has plans for abroad.


Our mission is to promote art and art industry and these the art could get house and nourished, where interested could get enriched and developed their talent in the field of art. To bring up an artist in every house.


  1. Establishing, aiding and running various art educational institutions (Schools, Colleges and libraries)
  2. Organise art awareness programmes and workshops and galleries.
  3. Providing opportunities to the artists to display their talents and bring them contact with this industry as well as promoting them.
  4. Maintain and develop research work in this field of art.
  5. Helping and promoting fresher as well economically backward artists.

Happy Painters Day

Dear Sir/ Madam,

On 1st and 2nd May (every year), on the occassion of World Painters Day, our art organisation is arranging worlds widest running art competion on the date. For making this event more exciting and enjoyable and to inspire young genaration towards the world of art, we are 110 art contest in the event. Beyond 1st,2nd,3rd ranked upto 80 will be awarded per subjects.

You are invited to participate in the renaissance, and for making this event more pioneering and sucessful