World Art Organisation
Affiliation Programme

Approval and Affiliation

Approval and Affiliation are given to be the Schools and academies of painting and sculpture to become part of our immense activity in the field of art.

The approved schools are brought under the following facilities.

  1. Diploma through examination.
  2. The students of the school/academies receive our recognized diploma certificates.
  3. The awards of Excellence Medals and Certificates are given to students who secured 80% or above marks in the examination. Also, the first, second and third placeholders were rewarded separately.
  4. The certificate given by World Art Organisation is marked as a way to enter the future work life.

Painting exhibition and sales

Students of approved schools/academy are encouraged by providing opportunity in sending their work in the famous art galleries (Kolkata) yearly. We send students paintings to abroad and provide scholarships to talented students. A student can take part in camps, workshops, art gatherings, and various seminars. Financially poor students are given various bits of help from the side of the World Art Organisation.

What to do to get approval from the World Art Organisation.

Schools/academies need to be applied with Rs 5000 along with the following details: - the name of the organization, address, present strength of the students, qualification of teachers, and place of teaching.

After submission of the form, the authority will decide whether to approve the organization or not. In the case of approval, an organization will be provided the details of syllabus for examination, short question, and answer, a subjective index for practical examination from different years and certificate along with the registration number of the organization. Mentioning registration number is mandatory for each future correspondence.

What to do after getting approval.

Student’s photo and biodata need to send for participation in art exhibitions and sending students painting to abroad. Selection of students is the complete prerogative of the approved schools.

For all other information and help one has to come in person to the chairperson or editor with the complete details of the organization. The authority will try to do everything possible for these schools/academies. Students interested in studying abroad will have to be contacted at the head office. In order to distribute more advanced education to the students, the teachers will have to contact the Head Office periodically.

Contact with US

We have agents in every districts and region. Such agents will contact the organization before the form submission for each examination. These agents will help you with reading examination and school-related all matters. Apart from that “SAMABARTAN” ceremony, exhibition, camp or for any programme schools will be informed in advance or you can contact us for any other queries. For in-person contact please make a prior appointment. Any time in the year every Tuesday, from 11 am to 4 pm the head office can contact for any other information.

Head Office

Sreepur, Madhyamgram,
(Opp: Araty Cinema Hall)
Phone: 8981161260 / 930880644/ 9336023553

LEKSHYA Fine Arts Academy KL/IAA/0313 Luminous Arcade Building,Mathapouzha Road, Chelari, Malppuram (Dist), Kerala. 673636 (PIN) 7510900323 - -
Creative Garden Acadamy WB/IAA/0299 52/A, Kayastha Para Main Road Haltu (P.O), Kasba kolkata 700078 +91 88604 61509 - -
Sargam Dance & Art Institute WB/IAA/0312 2no airport gate motilal colony majumder para Post office Italgacha kolkata 700079 9903738175 8617771467 -
International School of Art S -IL -49339 Sreepur, Madhyamgram,Kolkata-700130 - - -
Bamangachi Sarada Ramkrishna Missionery School of Art S -IL -49339 Sreepur, Madhyamgram,Kolkata-700130 - - -
Serampore Art and Craft Academy WB -IAA -0249 66, Bara Baganlane, Serampore, Hoogly 7890265589 9339707402 -
Basirhat School of Art & Craft S -IL -49339 Basirhat Goyal Pota,Matrin Road,(N) 24PGS Pin-743411 9851223324 - -
Shreeguru Kalakhetra Academy WB -IAA -0251 Sri Sri Saradamoni Matri Asram,Kalyaneswari,Burdwan,WB 034-1252-3400 - -
Basirhat Art & Craft Academy WB -IAA -0253 C/O Arabinda Barman Sainpala, Near United Basirhat, (N) 24PGS - - -
Habra Modern Art Academy WB -IAA -0554 Uttar Habra, (Sardarpara) Habra, (N) 24PGS 9378338298 - -
Kalikananda College of Art & Design WB -ICA-0256 Sri Sri Saradamoni Matri Asram,Kalyaneswari,Burdwan,WB 034-1252-3400 - -
Picaso Art & Craft School WB -IAS-0255 Suripukur, Barasath, (N)24PGS, Kolkata-700125 9804165321 - -
Chitrakor Seva Samity WB -IAS-0257 Agrani Sangha, Deshbandhu Rd,Mandir Para, Madhyamgram, Kol-700130 9330139168 - -
Kazipara Art School WB -IAS-0258 Kazipara(N)PGS Kol-124 9734410764 - -
Painter's Barasat Scout Group DNE-S--27-2009 District Association -Dum Dum North East Kolkata, Madhyamgram, Kol-130 9330880644 - -
National Painters Committee DNE-S--27-2009 79 Beltala Road, Kolkata 700026 - - -
Meghalaya School of Art WB-IAS-0260 Shillong-14(Meghalaya), PS:-Laitumukhrah 9612459669 - -
Shilpangan Kala Niketan WB -IAS-0260 Poidhicolliery School Para, PO Sundarchak, Dist, Burdwan-713360 9933010937 - -
School of Art Meghalaya - Jang Bhandar, C/O H Nongrum, Shillong-793004 9612459669 - -
Rupantar Craft School WB-IAS-0262 387/A Masunda College Para, NewBarrackpore, Kol-131 9874926155 - -
K.S.Modern Art School WB-IAS-0263 Ghati Sarada Pally,Ganganagar,Kolkata-132 9231686914 8420423323 -
Biswa Art and Craft School WB-IAS-0264 Vill-Malatipur PO -Chaita,PS Basirhat Dist 24PGS(N), Pin-743445 9153379724 9232749812 -
Megasoft Computer Academy WB-IAS-0265 2nd Debigarh, 3rd Sarani, Madhyamgram,Kol-129 9836379838 3325382697
Milon Art School WB-IAS-0266 89 Raja Rammohan Roy,Sarani, Serampore,Hoogly-712203 - - -
Bohu Rupi Art & Craft School WB-IAS-0267 Vill-Chikanpara, PO-Thakurnagar,24PGS(N), Pin-743287 9775516677 9143185449 -
Chitra Bharati Art College WB-ICA-0268 PO+Vill-Kanchrapara, Rathtala-Nadia Pin-743145,PS:-Kalyani 9433743512 9143544071 -
Sodepur School Art WB-IAS-0269 P.52 Bodhikanan,PO Sodepur 9830911235 - -
Young Treasure Art Academy WB-IAS-0270 Vill-Tantra, PO-Bhabla, PS:-Basirhat,24PNG(N),Pin743422 - - -
Shubhangan Art School WB-IAS-0271 Hridaypur purbasa, N.S Road, PO Hridaypur - - -
Hridaypur Dear & Dumb Art School WB-IAS-0272 Hariharpara Colony,PO Hridaypur,Kol-127 8820388070 - -
Hridaypur General Art School WA-IAS-0273 No1 Hariharpur Colony ,PO Hridaypur 8820388070 - -
Leonardoda Art Center WB-IAS-0274 Madhyamgram Udayrajpur, Kol-129 - - -
National Center Education of Art WB-NCA-0275 Sreepur Madhyamgram, Kolkata-700130 3325373678 - -
S.B.Painting Research Center WB-IRC-0279 Sreepur, Madhyamgram,Kol-130 - - -
Painting Industries L.T.D WB-LTD-0277 Sreepur Madhyamgram, Kol-130 - - -
Chitra Kala Magazize WB-IMA-0278 Vivekanada Pally, Malda,Pin-732101 9434421152 9434140309
Dhriti Deep Art Academy WA-IAA-0279 Vill+PO Barunhat, PS-Masnabad,24PGS(N),Pin-743426 9933912928 - -
Hridaypur Art & Mime School WB WA-IAS-0280 No 1-Hridaypur Colony,Kol-127 - - -
NC Academy of Art and Design WB-IAS-0283 26,Jannagar Road, Kol-14 9163449761 7439318572 -
Institute of Performing Art and Mind Power Development WB-IAA-0284 3B,Northern Avenue Paikpara-Kol-700037 8017517171 - -
Picaso School of Art & Design WB-IAS-0285 Lichu Bagan Petrol Pump, 24PGS(N),Kancharapara, Pin-743145 9143544071 - -
Branch Office(WAO) WA-IAS-0286 122,Hazra Road, Kol-26 9804931656 9038006747 -
Bishhomoyee Mayer Mandir WB-IAS-0287 Vill Kora Purbachal, PO-Korachandigarh,Madhyagram, PS-Barasat - - -
Art Freat Academy WB-IAA-0288 Vill+PO BaraanduliaDT-Nadia,Pin-741124 - - -
Indian School of Fine Art WB-IAS-0289 M.K.Malakar,Vill-Sonar Dangal,PO Chirkunda,Dist-Dhanbad,Jharkand 9332175953 9334131293 -
Scout School of Art WB-IAS-0290 Tapati Mukherjee,Vill-Sainpala,PO Basirhat,Dist-24PGS(N) 9002496935 - -
Madhyamgram Academy of Art & Craft WA-IAS-0291 Sankar Mondal, Bidhanpally, Madshyamgram,Kol-129 7890986779 - -
FSN Art Academy WB-IAA-0292 Lovely Roy,47A, Ramkrisna Pally Kol-155 9475181220 - -
Addya School of Fine Art WB-IAS-0293 Chapuria,Barasat Road,Barakpur High Road,Kol-121 9331237093 - -
Chitrakala Pathbhavan WB-IAS-0294 Gouri Dey Vill-Kutul Sahi Ghosh Paray, PO:-Barasat,Kol-124 - -
Gitanjali Art Academy WB-IAS-0295 Manievtalay Habra,24PGS(N),Pin-743263 9126960220 - -
Sekhars Foundation of Art India WB-IAS-0296 Sreepur Madhyamgram,Kol-700130 - - -
Artist Management College & Gallery WB-0269 Arunachal,Madhyamgram, Kol-130 - - -
Rang -Tuly Art Academy WB-IAS-0297 Banerjee Para,Shyamnagar, 24PGS(N) 8981659083 7890950494 -
Birati Academy of Fine Art WB-IAS-0298 2nd by Lane, Kalyan co-op-2,Birati Station,Kol-51 9804280121 -