Organised by WAO

World Art Organisation (WAO) is an Indian organisation, working with the aim to bridge the gap between art and industry as well as promote artists of various levels, starting from beginners to seasoned. Auction is a unique tool of sale of goods or property through bidding. “WAO” has held several highly successful auctions, accompanied by physical catalogue and preview events in various place of India as well as abroad.


All lots for sale are featured in the auction catalogue. The number listed next to each image is the lot number and should be used as a reference during bidding or for any information request.

The printed auction catalogue

All lots are published in the printed auction catalogue. You can order this catalogue online at our site.


Each lot has a price range listed. These estimates are provided only as a guide for buyer.

Bidding through email

You can participate into bidding process by send email with the details of image mentioning the reference number.